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Nicki Berkowitz is the Owner and Sole Proprietor of Wardrobe Management & Design, specializing in Fine Custom Clothing since 1996. We are full service custom clothiers offering fine custom tailored business wear, formal wear and casual wear.
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Choosing the Right Tie

Ties add more than a splash of color to your work attire – the quality of your tie contributes to your image as well. The next time you’re selecting new ties for your wardrobe, make sure they are of long lasting, high-quality workmanship. When comparing ties, the first consideration is the “hand” or feel of […]

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Maintaining Dress Shirts

More than likely, you send your dress shirts to the dry cleaners to be laundered and pressed, but every now and then, you may need to touch up a shirt at home. Here are a few points to help you maintain your dress shirts: Care Labels-Your clothing’s care label (if it’s not at the collar, […]

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Mixing Clothing Patterns

Patterned fabrics add wonderful variety to the wardrobe. Nothing says panache like a successful joining of patterns. However, when patterns clash, they can easily create a jarring look. Three easy tips will keep you on the right side of the coordinated pattern path. First, consider the scale of the patterns. Avoid wearing two tight patterns or […]

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Choosing Men’s Dress Socks

The type of fibers in the socks you wear can have a big difference in how comfortable you feel. Here is the scoop on several common choices: COTTON is affordable and easy to find in a wide variety of colors. Although cotton does not wick moisture away like wool or linen, it is comfortable and […]

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How to Choose a Belt

Pairing a belt with clothing can be a tricky business: you want it to look perfect with today’s outfit, and yet coordinate with several outfits. Each type of belt has its own built-in style. Here are five classics for different looks. Canvas-With its relaxed look, the canvas belt works well with casual-wear such as chinos […]

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Choosing Men’s Trousers

Tell people about your slacks, and they’ll figure you’re fairly casual. Tell them about your pants, and they’ll figure you’re indifferent. Tell people about your trousers, and they’ll know you’ve got style. Your trousers should rest comfortably on the hips, neither rising so high that they cover the abdomen nor sitting so low that they need to be cinched […]

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Men’s Fashion: Designing your Look

When composing an image, graphic designers use a few well-known principles to ensure their art is appealing to the eye. Gentlemen can apply those same timeless principles to the art of dressing. Rule of thirds: Most designers avoid placing the focal point in the exact middle or right on an edge of the image. Instead, […]

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The Tuxedo: Rich Tradition, Modern Elegance

The tuxedo we all know and love just turned 150 years old. Designed as a short dinner jacket, the tuxedo was born in the era of smoking jackets and top hats, but unlike its contemporaries, the tuxedo’s place in modern society remains undiminished. Even in our far more casual, modern world, elegant events still call for the […]

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