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Men’s Spring Fashion 2013: Spring Simplicity


This spring, designers are showcasing the elegance of simplicity. With winter fading, clothing colors are growing lighter and refreshingly carefree. Even the neutrals are trending on the light end of the color spectrum, with the spring shades of blue and gray much lighter than their winter counterparts.

Many clothiers are focusing on solid colors this season instead of patterns, offering an uncluttered visual appeal to the wardrobe. To keep this focus on simplicity from becoming monotonous, bring a focal-point piece into your outfit. If your suit and shirt are solid-colored, a multi-colored print tie can add panache to your ensemble.

Another key to making the most out of the trend toward solid colors is creating texture in the weave, with blends of wool and linen offering a variety of fabrics that look-and feel-fantastic. Judicious use of sturdy textile blends can also keep a suit coat or blazer from either keeping you too warm or losing its shape during warmer weather.

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