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The Attitude of Image

Grey-Plaid-Suit-with-Blue-Tie-croppedWhen we hear the word “attitude,” most of us think of sassiness or rebelliousness. The truth is, an attitude is simply a frame of mind, and is a major part of how others see you. Whether you’re facing an important client presentation or a critical board meeting, make sure you’re in the best frame of mind for success by optimizing these three critical areas:

1. Be comfortable in your own skin and your clothes. Customizing the cut and style of your wardrobe to fit your frame eliminates worries about your appearance. When you feel comfortable you’ll look comfortable.

2. Consider the situation. Even a dynamite power suit will look out of place at a small dinner party, and a polo shirt won’t impress at a board meeting. Your image should be appropriate to the occasion. 

3. Check your body language. What do your eye contact, stance, and facial expressions say about you? Do you look weary, or do you radiate energy and enthusiasm about your life, your work, and the people around you

Make sure that you’re creating a frame of mind that will promote the best image for success. The quality of your attitude is just as important as the quality of your clothing.

About Nicki

Nicki Berkowitz is the Owner and Sole Proprietor of Wardrobe Management & Design, specializing in Fine Custom Clothing since 1996. We are full service custom clothiers offering fine custom tailored business wear, formal wear and casual wear.
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