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“Just like custom-tailored clothing, gift gifting should be as creative and as individualized as possible! If you would like to give a gift that is truly extraordinary and will be long remembered and appreciated, consider a gift certificate from Wardrobe Management & Design.”—Nicki Berkowitz

Unlike so many type of gifts that are quickly consumed, wilt and die, or end up gathering dust, the gift of a custom-tailored clothing keeps on giving throughout the life of the garment. Just imagine how special your recipient will feel at the originality and thoughtfulness to express by giving a gift certificate from Wardrobe Management& Design

To order a Wardrobe Management & Design Gift Certificate, you may call me directly at 484.557.7788, email me at or simply complete the information fields below.

Thank you for your interest in a Wardrobe Management & Design Gift Certificate. Your recipient will love the Ultimate Gift of personal attention he/she receives and fine custom clothing that fits properly and looks great.

Dress well.

Nicki Berkowitz