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Women’s Custom Clothing

“’Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.’ There’s a lot of truth in that quote, attributed to Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, one of the most influential fashion designers the world has ever known. Her designs changed the way women dress and have stood the test of time. How many times in your life have you reached for that perfect ‘little black dress’ she introduced in 1926!” — Nicki Berkowitz

How many things in life can we get without compromise? Too few!

Custom-tailored clothing is one exception. You are only limited by your imagination, the fit is impeccable, and the quality, unrivaled. Your garments don’t wear out or go out of style, but are timeless and wear beautifully, season after season, year after year. And with built-in generous seam allowances to accommodate fluctuations in your weight, you won’t be forced to relegate your favorite pieces to the misfit section of your closet, if you gain or lose a few pounds.

We offer exquisite custom tailored suits with skirt and pant combinations, and a luxurious Couture Collection which includes suits, blouses, camisoles, tuxedo suits, sheath dresses and much more.  Our fabrics are some of the finest available anywhere in the fashion industry. Whether for business, formal events or casual, the clothing you will be measured for, will fill in your wardrobe and create completely new and unique outfits.  Custom clothing affords you the opportunity to own exclusive, one of a kind garments which will fit YOU the way clothing SHOULD fit — WELL.

This is a shopping experience like no other – power shopping one might say.  We don’t try to “sell” you — we listen to you and work to understand your needs and desires, and what is important to you in the fit of your clothing.

Custom-tailored clothing is investment dressing. I have met countless women in my professional and personal life who have spent a small fortune on pricey high-end designer clothing from retail stores, yet they complain about having “nothing to wear.” When these women transition into custom-tailored and discover what true investment dressing is, they experience a wonderful epiphany: it’s possible to visit your closet and say, “I absolutely love everything in my closet.”

Whether you want to look your absolute best in your business life, personal life or have set your sights on looking simply exquisite for an upcoming special occasion, Wardrobe Management & Design is here to inspire you, to consult with you, and to deliver the perfection you demand and deserve so you can rely on your new garments to always make you look and feel the very best you can be.

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